Steps of Obedience

Today was the day. Today I said goodbye to the town that has changed my life. To the secret place of God. However, my mission trip is not over. My time in Tactic has ended, but my mission in life is far from over. 

Tonight in the debrief with Les Peters, he challenged us to reflect on how God has changed us. The first question posed to us was, “how has God been tugging at our hearts?” Is there something in my life that I need to change, something I need to confess or ask for forgiveness? This question made me think back on my time in Tactic. So many emotions, so many feelings went through me as I watched kids, whose parents were alcoholics, and their joy at church; the other teachers and the kids’ hope for their parents; the joy of the Guatemalans had when they worshipped their Christ and their King; the pain each person has been through, but the glory God gets because of it; but overall the love that Christ pours out onto His children and the blessings that He can give. 

My friends, we cannot continue living in an illusion that all is ok. We can’t live in this world, a world full of sin, pain, destruction, and torment, and sit back. We must take initiative to go out and preach the Gospel. We must stop being jellyfish Christians and lukewarm believers. Sin is a very real thing, and so is Heaven and Hell. It is not my wish that you go out, telling everyone they’re going to Hell if they don’t believe. No, we must love like Christ loved. But let me ask this question: 

What type of seed will you be? 

In the parable of the sower, four types of seeds are planted. The first was the seed that fell on the wayward path, the seed that didn’t sprout and was unfruitful. Will you be the seed that never bears fruit? The seed that doesn’t even get planted, but that Satan grabs hold of before it can be set in the ground? God forbid. The second seed was one that landed in the rocks. It grew into a plant, but the minute sun came out, it died. Yes! The seed has been planted and has grown, but died when it encountered hardship. God doesn’t take away pain, pain was on this Earth ever since sin entered the world. However, God will take us through any pain, and trials, and any temptations. Will you cling to the cross and say, “Lord, I will follow? Let your will be done, not mine.” The third seed landed among the weeds. Like the one on the rocks, it was planted and it did grow, however, the weeds choked it up. Do not be the Christian that sits in this world, trying ever so hard to be anything but a Christian. Do not sit back and hide your Christianity. We are to be unashamed about our faith, zelous to spread the Gospel to the four corners. The disciples were told they were turning the world upside-down, however, they were turning it right-side-up. We need to take hold of our faith, be bold on who we are in Christ, and turn this world right-side-up. The last seed was the fruitful seed. We can all be planters, but are we willing enough to take time, to care for and nurture our seeds? Will we wait for the Lord’s will? Can you say, 

Thy will be done.

My friends, I challenge you to reflect on your lives. What are the steps of  obedience you need to take in order to live a life that is solely focused on Christ? I pray that you make this decision, not just as a thought, but as a prayer for your life. I pray that God would lay it on your heart to change something, to confront someone, to take away something, to confess anything. Listen to Christ, water and nurture your seeds, and to Him be all the glory. 


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