Trusting God through His silence

There comes time in our lives when we trust Him, where we obey him in a decision we must make, or a situation we must avoid. It can be hard trusting His overall plan when the results don’t go as planned, or when we can’t hear God’s voice through the circumstance. God’s providence is present in every  chapter and season of our lives, even when we can’t clearly see  it. Although there are times when God seems silent, don’t interpret that to mean He’s not involved or doesn’t  care about what’s happening  to us. God cares deeply and He is very present, actively working out every detail to bring forth His best plans for you and me. Our lives are securely held in His hands of God our Father, who loves us and wants the very best for us.

Heavenly Father, sometimes it’s hard to see how You are actively working in my circumstances. Honestly, it doesn’t always appear to be good. There are times when I need You most and I sense silence instead of guidance. Help me to trust You completely, especially in terms of uncertainty. To believe that You have my best interest in mind. To remember that Your love for me wraps around every situation I’m wrestling with. And to trust that because I am Your child and I’m desiring to seek Your will, my life is securely positioned in Your providential plan.

In Jesus’ name.

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