Ordinary or Out There 

Lordship changes our lifestyle, and our lifestyle reflects who is Lord.

Who is Lord in your life? If lordship doesn’t impact our lifestyle, is it really lordship? In Esther 3 we see the example of Mordecai daring to live like God was his king. Rather than obeying King Xerxes and “going with the flow,” he refused to bow to the rulers of this world and compromise his faith. We see an example of not just a Jew by name, but a Jew through and through, standing up for his faith and his King, regardless of culture and where he lived.

Globally, Christians face persecution and martyrdom at a heartbreaking rate yet, here in the United States people are clamoring for tolerance of all people but Christians.

Christians standing up for their faith should make us want to be the Mordecai in our family, at our school, or in our workplace. Don’t be content with being a nominal Christian, being absorbed into the 21st century culture. It starts with wanting your life to reflect a life that looks like Christ. God’s ways are right and true regardless of the culture or creed. Take a stand, fight for what is true. Christ will reward those who seek after His name.


In Christ Always,
||Hannah E. Evans||


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